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harry potter bases
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Welcome! You have crossed the path of the first Harry Potter Bases only. We specialize in text-free, non-animation, and random Harry Potter bases. I, Tina, created this journal community because I always have trouble finding the right base for a certian icon. This is perfect for simple people who just love to look at bases of thier favorite HP characters or for those who don't like going through all that trouble cropping and re-sizing tons of pictures. Any type of HP bases you need you can find them here! Please read the rules and have fun!

I am very glad you came to visit, and maybe even join. I am a very humerous person, until it comes to not following the rules and pissing me off. I love to laugh and be happy, if I'm happy then this journal will be very happy, if this journal is happy you all will be happy! If I get any crap about how i copied your rules or style journal maybe you should lower your ego because i'm an original, look at my other journals if you don't believe me. You get the jift...

1)It is required that the user who posts HP bases also posts rules. I know you might not care who takes them or what happens to them, but I do. When you join this community you are under my care and do not want anyone getting hurt. This is the part where you say 'Yes, mother' and move on with your chores.

2)Please make sure the icons are 100 x 100 or smaller. There mist be little or no graphics or PSP done to it. If you are making, say, a D/Hr icon and you place them together on one icon that's ok, but there must be no words.

3)If you have 3 or more icons you need to place them inside the cut. The lj-tag cut instructions can be found there. Any inappropriate bases (i.e. Harry and Draco love, yuck) should be and must be placed in the cut.

4) Please respect the users wishes as to rules when you want one of thier bases. Usually the rule they have is to credit. If you're unsure how to do that you can either place a link to thier journal on your info or check out crediting in keywords. No costumation requests. If you have something to say or request, please have bases and request, that way we can keep the progress going. If you posted these bases somewhere else please state that you x-posted. Borders are allowed. Plain FO bases are allowed, no FRIENDS ONLY words on it.

5) Don't be so lazy. Sign up for an image server at Photobucket. It's just stupid to direct link. Oh and I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico.

6) Promoting icon journals or other communities are accepted but you must have 5 or more bases to present with it. You may not do it all the time, maybe 2-3 times a week. If I find that you are "redirecting", as it's called, it will be deleted imediatly. If I catch you doing that again I wil ban you. Done deal. If you have a button and would like to be perminatly advertized on this lj, you will need take a hp_bases button and put it on your user info and then e-mail me, label_it_green@yahoo.com , with your button and user info. Promoting this site- esential and would really make me proud of you! Please post these buttons when and where ever you can! :)

7)If a member does not put credit me, you should at least credit hp_bases on your user info, but that is optional. If the memeber does say credit, you have to credit them but it is optional to credit the site. I under stand if you don't want to use our buttons because thier not very good....but place a link please. Thank you.

8) I have all the rights to delete, approve, protect, edit, or disaprove any posts and members. If there is a member who is not following the rules they will be banned, I'm sorry but that's how it works. I hope none of my members would make me do such a thing. If you have concerns or problems be free to e-mail me at label_it_green@yahoo.com. Do not post anything about the site on my lj, please.

9)Try not to get to attatched to these bases. I knwo you spent a lot of your time croping and maybe clarifying them but there bases. If you really care about them you can suggest that the user that takes it shows you how they customize it. That's always fun.

10)If you are displaying, let's say 2 or 3 bases and you put a link saying 'More at my icon journal' and your journal is FRIENDS ONLY, you are wasting people's time and it's annoying. Don't put view at my icon journal if they can't.

11)Do not advertize without bases. If you do I will just delete it. Affliate and you wil be happier. End.



Want to affliate? Email me with your button and give me a link to your user info, label_it_green@yahoo.com.

We have many buttons to link back to us. Chose which ever one fits your style.